Professional English workshop

If you are interested in learning language for professionals, you or workers in your company need English, invest in learning through total immersion. Workroom 6/5 it is not a typical English school but a place of meetings, professional coaches from all over the world and special English learning schedule.

Language workshop Workroom 6/5, which company employees can take part in, is a tool of opening up to communication in English and at the same time a method supporting team development and integration of its members.

If you care about:

  • increase in your language competence or your workers’ competence
  • effective setting of development goals
  • fast thinking and speaking English
  • knowledge passed by managers  to managers
  • visible work results

In Workroom 6/5 we ensure with all elements of learning, dedicated to professionals.

We offer group workhops based on 6/5 method and individual meetings. Write to us and we will prepare an offer for your needs and line of business.