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Learn English in 3 ways

Workroom 6/5 offers 3 ways of language skills development – while weekend language workshop, during yearly workshops, thanks to online materials. You can sign up for the workshop on your own or in pair or with a person you know. The price depends on the type of meeting and the number of declared participants. Go to PRICES and learn about payment conditions.

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Learning levels

In Workroom 6/5 the level of your language skills is not the most important. We focus on developing your intellectual and emotional potential, no matter of your current knowledge and skills.

During the “clarity call” conducted with willing workshop participants we listen to and look at practical skills. We adjust the level of the speaker to and adequate group. We put grammar tests away. Why? Only actual skills count and how you feel when you speak a foreign language.

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Learning materials

In Workroom 6/5 we are aware that additional materials are important learning element. We threw away course books and other texts. Our priority is to be in touch with participants between the workshops. We encourage regularly to language activities and different types of tasks. Those who are the most active we want to praise, with those who work less we work to the bitter end looking all the time for effective method to break barriers and motivate to personal development.

certyfikat  Workshop organisation certyfikatCertificates

Workroom 6/5 workshop is an ideal place to prepare for oral part of the exams like FCE (First Certificate In English) or CAE (Certificate in Advanced English) or matura exam. If before starting the workshop you will emphasize that the preparation to the exam is your goal, we will include it in the schedule.

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Place of meeting

2-day workshop and regular yearly workshop is organised in two unique places:

Concordia Design – most Workroom 6/5 workshop meetings take place in this amazing building in the heart of Poznań. This is an ideal place to work, stimulating creativity. Its location in the center of the city guarantees easy access here. There is a parking next to the building.

Full address: Concordia Design, Zwierzyniecka Street 3, 60-813 Poznań

Regatta Hotel Restaurant Spa – when we want to breath fresh air or spend time in a special place, we take our participants to Regatta Hotel next to Kierskie Lake. Picturesque landscape and short distance from Poznań city center makes the time slow down and workshop participants and enjoy quietness and calmness.

Full address: Regatta Hotel Restauracja Spa, ul. Chojnicka 49, 60-480 Poznań