Learning and practice

In Workroom 6/5 we are aware that the process of learning requires time and adequate practice. Over 10 years of experience – not only professional but also personal- allowed us to work out our own method 6/5 where we combine intellectual development (IQ) with emotional development (EQ)

Our method focuses on allowing to share experience and learn new skills from each other. Thanks to that the participants start to use English with ease and satisfaction after first series of workshop.

Our participants come to us with knowledge and skills which they got earlier while previous years of education but for some reasons using foreign language is still a challenge for them. We want to freshen up this knowledge, order and revise it.

Develop your strengths

Workroom 6/5 workshop is a tool to support the participants in moving their skills to a higher level. We give the opportunity to talk, solve tasks, participation in original exercises and workshop. All of this happen in English. We want you to forget for a moment what is outside the window and focus only on what is happening here and now. In our work we focus not only on knowledge and intellect but also on personal competences: curiosity, creativity, the ability to criticize, clear communication, cooperation in the team, empathy.