Come to the workshop with other person

You are interested in total immersion language workshop but you would feel better if there was someone who you know. You are thinking if you can manage to speak English with strangers?

Take part In English workshop with close person- friends, significant other, kid or parent- thanks to that you will pay less. In Workroom 6/5 every configuration is possible. Make a surprise or inspire to action.

Pay less together

Workroom 6/5 language workshop is an amazing language and culture journey which you can experience with somebody you know. If you want to learn English together, break language barriers, learn more about each other and yourself, be in international environment, choose Workroom 6/5 language workshop. By signing up with second person you will pay less. Go to PRICES.

Signing up

You are interested in Workroom 6/5 weekend language workshop? Today choose time convenient for you and sign up for your workshop. These are just a few easy steps.


Learning in pairs

Beginning language workshop together will bring you a lot of benefits- going by car together, regular meetings, communication with more ease with a person you already know and also similar goals. It is also lower payment for classes, which we prepared for 2 people signing up together.

Learning focused on speaking

You have attended many schools already, you experienced even conversations with native speakers but still speaking English is not easy for you? In Workroom 6/5 we focus mainly on speaking and action during which you will use only English.

Total immersion in language

You know what total immersion means? In Workroom 6/5 starting when you enter our meeting room you will only use English. Cooking, negotiating, dancing or even meditating you will speak and think only in English