Trusted us

We have over 10 years of didactic experience. As Workroom 6/5 we exist for almost 3 years. During these years we gained trust of hundreds of individual clients and we also worked for big companies, whose workers wanted to learn something more and in different than traditional way

We were trusted by such companies as: Mary Kay, Malta Trading, NOTI, Glaxo SmithKline, Johnson&Johnson, WSB.

Opinions of workshop participants

Weekend workshop in Workroom 6/5 was amazing adventure for me. This way I met a few coaches- foreigners who I keep in touch on regular basis. We play squash, meditate or just talk on Facebook. Being in touch does not finish with the workshop. What's more I don't cram words I finally use them.

Karol Cyrulik 694451968 general director, Wyższa Szkoła Bankowa w Poznaniu

Workroom 6/5 workshop is absolutely beautiful thing. There is unusual atmosphere during the workshop, amost family like. Workshop is led by great and interesting language coaches- very much involved, with mission, who want to pass on the knowledge, people from all over the world. Learning like that is pure pleasure. Workroom 6/5 allows to meet other people, their way of thinking, looking at the world and ways of life.

Katarzyna Grabiarzsales specialist in Hilding Anders Poland

Time spent on Workroom 6/5 workshop is like a journey through different countries. The possibility to leave reality and dive into other cultures, taste them and learn about cultural differences. Everything is in open atmosphere with helping hand of coaches during the whole days. Workroom 6/5 is a great example that learning can be pleasurable.

Joanna Zielonkadevelopment strategist, HR & EB specialist

I was tere. Saw everything. I was amazed. Workroom 6/5 language workshops is: nice atmosphere, interesting people and what is the most important great way to check an develop you language skills. Meeting people representing different countries and cultures, interesting topics are amazing knowledge pill. I recommend because it is worth it.

Marcin Grabiarzspedytor in P.W Warbud

I definitely recommend it to every person who wants to speak fluent English both professionally and privately.

Krzystof Roztockideputy director in Malta Trading

If somebody doesn't have time for everyday contact with English then one weekend in Workroom 6/5 it is like one term of learning the language. My friends ask me: "How much does it cost to take part in Workroom 6/5? " I always answer "And how much have you spent so far on language learning? Are you satisfied with your language level? How much would you like to pay for one hour of English?" If learning and the development of your skills is for you an investment in yourself then participate in workshop which will give you effects like: self- confidence, openness and the ability to tell a story brilliantly.

Wiesława KubiakTVP