Yearly Workroom 6/5 workshop

You feel that your present way of learning English is not effective? You know English but in face to face contacts you are not sure of your abilities? In Workroom 6/5 thanks to regular meetings you are able not only to develop your language skills but also become more aware of yourself.

Have you ever wondered what will allow you to achieve high language level ? In Workroom 6/5 we believe that to achieve success you need not only the knowledge of the language itself but also self- development. Set yourself ambitious but at the same time real goals. Do you want to speak English well? Do you want to open up to different people and cultures? Do you want to change the words “No/I don’t know” into ” Yes, I can”?  Take the opportunity to participate in yearly development language workshop in English.

Staying in touch with the language all the time and classes led by experienced language coaches from all over the world will allow you to break the barrier effectively. You will meet people from many parts of the globe, their traditions and cultures. Thanks to that you will find yourself even better in international environment. You can use it in present or future job. You will meet people who you can meet after workshop, during social meetings.

Intensive learning – total immersion

Workroom 6/5 workshop schedule and topics will change dynamically from workshop to workshop. One thing will stay permanent – during every workshop you will use only English.  

Talking together, negotiating, preparing or meditating you will only use foreign language. Regular meetings with coaches from all over the world will increase your confidence and language skills and also you knowledge about cultures.

Experienced language coaches from all over the world

In Workroom 6/5 we ensure you with the best teachers and mentors in one. Workroom 6/5 language coaches are people with great language skills. These people are or have native speaker competence of English.

The language that we use during workshop is contemporary and commonly used. And also grammatically correct and diversified when it comes to accents.

Workroom 6/5 language coaches are people with amazing personality and charisma. They will unfold new areas of life in front of you and will motivate you to act. At the same time in such a friendly environment you will feel safe and free. Together with coaches and other workshop participants you will make a group of international friends who you will be able to be in touch after meetings in Workroom 6/5.

Workshop organisation

All year long English workshops of total immersion were planned so that you could meet and develop you English regularly and at the same time so that they don’t interrupt your every day obligations, family or hobby.

Once a moth we will meet during our 2-day workshop which includes:

  • 90- minute panels will take place
  • Every next workshop will be a continuation of the previous one
  • You will get a lot of practical tips on how to learn and make your language skills better
  • You will hear accents, learn vocabulary and meet cultures from all over the world
  • You can count on support and help throughout the meeting
  • We offer language networking which is regular meetings and contact once a week for socializing – all in English
  • We will provide you with professional online materials after each and every  workshop

We finish it all with a 5- day camp- language and development in one- time full of energy, talks and nice atmosphere.

Sign up

If you want to take part in yearly development English workshop organised by Workroom 6/5, fill in the online form. These are just a few steps which starts easy procedure of signing up.

You choose yourself the form of payment and how many instalments you want to pay for the course. More about the payment, instalments and forms of payment you will read in PRICES.


Invest in yourself

If you are ambitious about knowing English and at the same time personal development is important part of your interest, take part in yearly language development workshop in English.

Language networking

During and after finished workshop you can count on direct contact with Workroom 6/5 language coaches and other workshop participants. We create a group of people who spend time together also outside Workroom 6/5, communicate easily in social media and all this in English. Stay in touch with us all the time.

Effective development of your career

Doesn’t matter if you are preparing for longer stay abroad, you are at the beginning or maybe you are during your professional career. With Workroom 6/5 you have a chance to break language barrier and develop yourself.