Language coaches from around the world

In Workroom 6/5 we know that the most effective way of learning the language is through experience. Our workshops are led by language coaches from all around the world- the USA, the UK, France, Poland. Although the environment is so varied you will feel free- we care about friendly atmosphere. We don’t force but we encourage.

Workroom 6/5 language coaches are people with amazing personality and charisma. You will discover new areas of life and will be willing to act.

Work with us

You are a foreigner, you live in Poznań and speak English? You work here every day or maybe you visited Poland for some time in Erasmus Programme? Do you want to cooperate with us? You are welcome.

In Workroom 6/5 you can become a guide of your country and culture. What are working conditions? Suggest your own idea for classes- topic and form. We are waiting for your contact!

Hanna Pordąb

Hanna Pordąb


For the last 10 years I have helped kids, teenagers and adults learn about the world of English language through conversations and unconventional methods of learning. I always traveled a lot and learnt about different cultures and this lifestyle showed me how beautiful the world is in its diversity.

Marta Kviatkovska


For many years I was a manger in Institute of Ukrainian Studies and also international project manager. By organizing workshops I understood that we learn a language the most effectively when we communicate with people. In Workroom 6/5 I create the atmosphere thanks to which the participants learn and motivate each other.

Jonathan Choi

American with Taiwanese roots

I was born in the USA but I study in Poland. I love helping others that’s why during holiday I go to Africa with a group of dentists to treat people who have no access to proper dentistry care. My workshop is a journey from history, through quizzes like “Familiada” to talks about teeth. The range of topics is unlimited.

Jonathan Stretch


I have lived in Poland for almost 10 years and I work as a Business Analyst. My hobby is art and learning about different cultures. During my workshop I will tell you about the culture of my country Nigeria- which is totally different than Polish lifestyle. I will introduce you to amazing Nigerian traditions.

Guillerme Gleiser


My three years of travelling in the USA and Europe finished in Poland where I study now. I introduce tastes and smells to Workroom 6/5 which people in Poland don’t know. We cook together and prepare delicious dishes. I show how to prepare cosmetics which are eco-friendly and at the same time not too expensive. 

Anne Marie Gläsel

Germany and Guatemala

Multiculturalism is running in my blood. I was born half Guatemalan, half German. I enjoy giving life to old objects through art; exploring countries and cultures and photographing my way around the world. During workshop I show how life in a multicultural environment enriches life.

Tomasz Gralak


I was born in Poland but studied in the UK. I believe that the way we behave every day influences our life so we should be the most effective to create success around us. I will take you on a journey where we go deeper into the topic of being an effective leader.


Hubert Beague


I was born in France,I live in Poland with my wiife and a daughter. I’m an IT programmer  but my passion is meditation, life without stress and slow life. I exclude all what is FAST. I know that the balance between work and family, professional time and family time is needed. In Workroom 6/5 I show how to calm down and relax.

Harrison Beto Cucunuba


I’m a dancer, choreographer, instructor and a person passionate about Zumba and Salsation. In Workroom 6/5 I teach a language and ignite the workshop with energetic dance. I teach participants the steps and show my Colombian character. Thanks to the dance I relax, release tension and introduce my perfect humor.