Invest in your development

English wokrshop of total immersion organised by Workroom 6/5 is the best investment in yourself which you could ever make. You feel that so far your English language learning has not been so effective? You care about speaking English easily. Check total immersion method used by us and learn in international environment. We guarantee 100% satisfaction and fast effects.

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No matter which workshop you choose, you can be sure that you will get service of top quality. Every time the price of the workshop includes: the participation in workshop, food and drinks and educational materials. During or even after finished workshop you can count on contact with Workroom 6/5 language coaches and other workshop participants.

Signing up conditions

First condition to attend a course organised by Workroom 6/5 is preliminary talk called ” clarity call” thank to which you will get the answer to the question: ” Is the workshop for me? Am I ready?”

Next step is signing the educational contract and prepayment of 150zl. Minimum 7 days before the course you need to make the payment according to your chosen form (all or instalments).

The payment must be made on the account number: Workroom 6/5 82 58 1160 2202 0000 0003 1079 9982 Millenium Bank (title: your name and surname and date of workshop)